"You either Die or you Die, dude. You either Die or you Die."


Age: 22
Orientation: PanDemic (Panromantic/Demisexual) and Poly
Pronouns: She/Her or They/Them
Birthday: November 29th

Hello! My name is Emii. I like to draw, sing, and play video games. I'm very into Sonic, Pokemon, and Undertale. I'll probably add more if I remember them.

DNI / Other

Please Do Not Follow/Interact if you:

Are Racist, Sexist, Map/Nomap, ship Pedo/Incest relationships, Truscum/Transmed, etc.Are critical of Queer Platonic Partner relationships, Ace Spectrum Orientations, or any LGBT Orientations/Identities.

I request that these be tagged:
PoliticsSpiders/Opilionid/Arachnids/Bugs in generalGore/Open Wounds/Stitches


| Sketch: $15 | Lineart: $25 | Colour: $30 | Shaded: $40 |
| Background: $50 | Simple Reference: $60 |
| Extra Characters: $5 |

I am currently only going to draw Anthro-like Mobians. I don't feel confident in my abilities to draw humans yet.

Wanna know how your commission is doing? I stream sometimes! Although, me and my friends use strong language (like f*ck and sh*t), but you could always mute the stream!

✔ Will Draw:
+ Almost any Sonic OCs (I actually encourage it!)
+ Ships (Canon/Canon, OC/Canon, OC/OC, Polyamory Ships Included)
+ Anthro Characters as Mobians
+ Probably almost anybody as a Mobian

✖ Won't Draw:
- Heavily Complicated Designs (Ask me first, I'll let you know)
- Heavily Complicated Backgrounds
- Ships that are Adult/Minor or Incest

| Slots |
I will only be doing 5 pictures at a time. I will be going in order of when the picture was commissioned.


| Sizes and Prices|
(Example: W"xL"xH" $BasePrice)
Corner Hammock: 10 1/2"x7 1/2"x1/2" $10
Hidey Hammock: 8"x 8"x3/4" $15
Snuggle Sack: 9 1/2"x9"x1" $20 | Cube: 5"x5"x5" $30
Corner Hut: 12 1/2"x9"x4" $40

* These are approximations, as they can end up slightly different

Right now I can only do small animal fleece accessories. Everything comes with straps, you may request them off. First find a patterned fleece you like on either Joann,, or Etsy. Then message me the link, what you would like, and if you would like the straps or not and I will give you the price. My prices are based on the base price of the items and how much the fabric will be to order.

| Slots |
I will only be doing 5 at a time. I will be going in the order of when the accessory was commissioned.